How Kwik are you?
10 Jul. 2011

How Kwik are you?

A “Super” Marathon is running 250km in a week. Can you imagine running 50km for the day in the sweltering desert and then wake up the next morning to run another 50, and then another 50…and so on till you run 250? I sometimes equate making a movie as a “Super” marathon. First you write the script. Then you raise money. You get the people. Then you prep. Then you make it. Then you edit it. Then there’s music sound color graphics…

Meet Derek Kwik, a man who’s finished many of these “Super” marathons.  So I finally got a chance to “catch up” with my buddy, so I asked him on what he focuses on to finish these races.  Here’s what he had to say!

I met Mr. Kwik a while back in Hong Kong, through a friend.   It was a time when I was just starting to talk about Supercapitalist and plans to make the film.  On the day of our filming wrap party at Hyde, he was joking because I had talked to him about my ideas, but I was one of the few people who had actually went out and did it. Well, not without the help of all my friends who contributed to the film, but yes, I can’t believe it myself, because for such a long time, it was looking like it might be all talk. It’s been four years of 1000′s of revisions to the script, pitching numerous investors, cast, sponsors, etc., and there were many times when I thought it’d fall a part, and plenty of times when I just wanted to give up. With every success, many more failures, every door opened, closed many doors. Yes’s turned to No’s many times for me, and it was hard to pick myself off the ground and keep going.

Even now, I still feel like there are many miles to finish for the film, many people think you just finish the film and that’s it! What helps me keep going on this marathon are guys like Derek Kwik, who in the face of what people call impossible, smile with courage. I guess maybe that’s why I gravitated to him(and many others whom he motivates), because we all need “Super” people to look up to and get advice from when we face a long road ahead of us.

In the marathon of our lives, are we pushing our limits, living up to our potentials, the gifts we have been given, and doing things “Super” with regards to our own passions and interests? So tell me: “How “Kwik” are you?

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  1. Alex Wong says:

    Hey Derek, lookin good! Just dropping by to say hi and good luck with ur running, stick with it!

    Derek’s awsome, he gave me a copy of his book!

    - A

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