01 Jul. 2011

Numero 2: great run

I’ve been running for about 3 to 4 months trying to get back on track after I lost a lot of my physical fitness going into post production for the movie.  I’ve been running a on and off 5 km as many times I can fit in in a week.  This day, I ran the 6.3 km, felt good to finish.  For some reason I decided to go a little extra.  As I run more, I find it easier yet harder to keep going.  It’s no longer the challenge as much, or the newness to it.  It’s definitely a lot of experimentation to see what works for me, and understanding how others cope with the same situations I do.  The “during” part is particularly troubling me.

In making Supercapitalist, I’ve definitely learned to reach out to all my friends for advice, help, or whatever.  Running is no exception.

So I decided to reach out to my buddy, Derek Kwik.  One of his motto’s is: “Impossible is an invitation for greatness”.  He’s run through the desert, the jungle.  Completed races(250 Km in a week) only “Super” humans can think to achieve.  Stay tuned for my next update and video where Mr. Kwik will give me a “Kwik Fix” on Mental Stamina.

KUU — Keep U Updated.


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  1. Deb says:

    Great tips! Things I can actually do to improve my fitness. Thanks!

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