Shout out to the Aafilmlab
19 Jul. 2011

Shout out to the Aafilmlab

Just wanted to give a shout out to the film lab.  Congrats to all who participated in the 72 Hour Film Shootout!

50 films got made casting Asian roles and using Asian Filmmakers. It’s a chance to work with people and get to know others in the community and build from there. It’s a chance for people to develop their skills. And well, it’s a lot of fun!

A little bit of History: Donna Tsufura is the woman behind the idea of the shootout. 8 years ago, she suggested the lab produce this, and I told her(as the new president at that time), well if you write the treatment, we’ll do it…well, you probably know what happened. She wrote a five page detailed description, and so it went. Not only that, she brought in all her contacts like James Verdesoto from Indika, Ellen Kuras(Eternal Sunshine DP..), and others.

Risa and Diana who were at Asian Cinevision and the Asian American Film Festival sponsored us and connected us to the likes of Imaginasian TV with Mike Hong and David Chu, and then MTV the next yearas well.

Really proud of the crew that took it on after I left for HK, Matte Chi, Tony Chen, Tana Sarnt, Hyun, and David Hou for taking things to the next level.

Really proud to see the new blood getting out there and taking charge. If you are interested in filmmaking, take a chance and join, and help out. Looking back now the Lab gave me the tools to make my transition to becoming a producer at CNN, and then now finishing a feature film Supercapitalist.

Here’s a quick update on my running too. Tried the tips with Derek Kwik. They really work. I’m running because I feel good afterwards. I was literally making goals like(I will run to that Trash can) and then switching it up. And of course, I need to write this blog, as a commitment to myself, so I’m accountable.


KUU–Keep U Updated.

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