Staying Positive: Enter Kristin Winstanley
03 Aug. 2011

Staying Positive: Enter Kristin Winstanley

At this time last year, we just came back to Hong Kong from New York City shooting Supercapitalist.  I can’t believe it.  We’re in our last month of Post-Production and I am finally seeing the light.  We are just starting now to get some really good feedback that has me psyched.  We are waiting on a few key moves, which has me very uptight and tense.  The culmination of all your hard work, the nights and weekends staying in to write, all the people who sacrificed their time to work on this project.  It’s very depressing when the all the action of the running around of shooting is done because that’s a lot of the fun part.  No one ever tells you how hard it is to watch your movie over and over a 1000 times checking, improving, checking improving.  It’s a very long and painful process.

In the midst of all this, I thought this was a good time to introduce my friend Kristin Winstanley.  I met Kristin through Karen(You’ll meet her too) who did our makeup, and really was responsible for us finding our art department for the film.

Kristin Winstanley – Photography by Joyce Yung, Make Up: Ka Lam Chu, Stylist: Marell Kull

Kristin’s a stellar model in Asia, and I think she’s become such a highly demanded model because she’s got such an unmatchable attitude(not to mention killer looks).

She lights up a room when you meet her and speaks to people with ease, quickly making them feel comfortable.  She has an unlimited amount of energy, and that energy translates into “super” charging others to work hard.

I caught up with her to tell her I was doing this running blog, and she immediately persuaded me to do Yoga(How did that happen?).  So here I am in “Lotus Position”…

So afterwards I got through one Vinyasa which is basically a cycle, and I was pooped.  I found muscles I never had before.  Then Kristin said, ok we can start now…

Kristin has sparked my interest to cross train, so watch out for more interviews about running mixed in with other activities to spice things up.

–KUU Keep U updated.


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