Steve Jobs.  Thank you.
05 Oct. 2011

Steve Jobs. Thank you.

I was on my way to DHLing DVDs for submitting Supercapitalist to film festivals when Joyce sms’ed me the news about Steve Jobs.   I remembered during Cannes in May that when I heard my dear cousin had passed away, I had started to uncontrollably cry.  At the counter, filling in form after form, my heart grew heavier and heavier

I was surprised because never before had any public figure’s death moved me before.  We live in a time where the world seems bleak, a financial crisis, an energy crisis, environmental crisis, a time when we need great leaders in this world to pave the way.  Perhaps though, his death will be a reminder of how we should live and more importantly LEAD.  Steve Jobs was obviously a brilliant man, and the one thing that made him so much more was that he chose to SHARE his ideas and creativity.   And his death should show that he was just like one of us, mortal, but with the courage to innovate and push the boundaries, and not just be status quo.

As an American now living in Hong Kong, I hope that his STORY will not just be seen as an American dream, but as a GLOBAL dream as to not accept things to be the way they are, but to strive to make things the way they SHOULD be.  That whatever your dream is, you should NEVER GIVE UP on it.

Funny, I just shot this video 2 days ago.  I had started this running blog to keep people updated and for my own personal discoveries, and then I went and hurt myself so I couldn’t run anymore for the last 6 weeks.  I was ready to give up on the blog, but something in me urged me to start again.  To you Steve Jobs, THANK YOU, for all you have given to this world.  In death, which was unavoidable, you live on through all of us.



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  1. A. George says:

    It’s been a long time. How are you? Hong Kong sounds intersting. I would love to hear about all about it.

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