28 Jul. 2011

72 Hour Shorts, The “yearn factor”, and running day 1 versus now.

Had a really fun day watching all the 72 Hour Film Shootout shorts.

Honestly, watching them really made my day.  Some of you had me rolling on the floor laughing.  2 hours later I’d laugh thinking about some of the shorts.  Some had me guessing what was next.  Some really touched my heart.  So thanks for that.

I really enjoy these contests because of the challenge.  Everything is happening so fast, you’re forced to make decisions on the fly, and it’s a team effort as to what you can do.  Leaders emerge, and soldiers fight the front line.  Everyone depends on each other.  At the end of the day, what’s great is that no matter how you did, you tested yourself under some of the harshest conditions.  Moreover, you made many mistakes for you to learn from in the future.

burn for the yearn

It’s funny, because I am sure you will judge yourself on how well you did.  But, really I think the bigger question to ask is, “Do I want more?”  The yearn factor.  Yearn is not hunger.   Hunger can be satisfied, but yearning is searching for something that completes you and the feeling is intense.


We’re waiting on some news right now while in the midst of post production for Supercapitalist.  The process of making a feature film is tough.  Sometimes you wish it’s all done in 72 hours!

Waiting while doing work is like running up a hill.  If you run too fast, you’ll run out of gas early and you won’t want to finish.  If you are too slow the day will be over. But if you keep your pace and take really small steps, you’ll get there without giving up.


I wanted to share this with you guys which seems much more relevant now. On my day 1, Feb 21, 2011 I wanted to run on Bowen Road, a common running path in Hong Kong. I had never been, so I was jogging around looking for it. Came Bowen drive, a steep hill in Hong Kong which I figured leads to Bowen Road. Here was my experience…

I didn’t know what I was in store for.  I was really careless and I ran not even knowing how far it is.  I guess you can guess that I have continued to run, but it sure doesn’t look like I’d continue running based on this video.  LOL!

Here’s my update from today.


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