16 Aug. 2011

I’m here. A time for reflection.

Hello everyone, I’m here.  I’m not neglecting this blog.  I’ve just been swamped.  And, I’ve been trying to rehab my knee, but today, I really hurt it trying to test my boundaries.  I ran full force and then I did a hard stop, and literally crushed my knee.  Ouch, it’s sore and weak again.  Damn it!   Well, I guess it’s making me write to you at least.  It’s a time to take a break from pushing so hard, and reflect back.

What a choppy month of ups and downs.  It’s been mostly ups at least, but there have been major disappointments.  In life I feel I just want everything to go my way, or at least make my life easier, but that road has never been the way this movie has happened.  It’s always been the uphill climb.  I guess, fortunately, it allows me to really appreciate the people who have helped us along the way.  If life was easy, I guess it wouldn’t be worth living.  I think about how it’s like a basketball team, and sometimes you feel like to win, you want to take it all on yourself, be a ball hog, but really if you pass the ball around, your teammates can really score for you.  At the center, I must push my teammates harder, and they in turn, must push me as well.  We all must contribute to win.

I think about how big a team we have…it’s pushing 500 who’ve worked on this project?  Not to mention the 1000′s of fans who have been so supportive.  Sometimes I’ve felt so alone, just missing all the shooting, because really after a year of post, people come and go, playing their part, but also needing to move on.

As we approach finishing the film, now’s the time for me to start talking to you about what’s up.  Basically, I think we are doing well, but as I said, an uphill climb.  Here’s the good news, we’ve gotten some private feedback from friends, industry, major press, and Linus Roache himself, and the feedback’s been good.  We’ve had a sales trailer for a while, but we’ve been unable to share it publicly because it’s too early.  So we’ve tried to show friends, family, colleagues, and supporters in sneak preview ways.  Everyone’s been very supportive, and thanks for all the kind words.  We’ve tried our best with our humble budget across three countries, and a lot of the production value has come from the team, friends, and sponsors really taking a chance on this film, without us having the conventional requirements of the films you normally see in a theater:  Big Budget, Big Cast.

And you know what?  Inch by inch, we’re are doing it, and I’m flabbergasted how fortunate things have been, where we have found opportunities I had not foreseen.  I’m amazed at how and what we are achieving…and it’s a been much about the heart and passion of everyone involved.

So essentially what we’ve decided is that based on where we are, we are pushing harder on the film in this last month to accomplish key additions/edits to the film which I feel really raise the bar.  All engines are running, and well, we’re just going to give it our all to see what we can do.  The objectives we set, are finally coming together and it has me excited.  We are targeting Sept 1, 2011 to finish when I fly to New York and that will have meant 1 year.  If we finish Sept 11, 2011, it will have been exactly 1 year.  That’s the point we put the pen down…And then pick it up to work on new projects.

In terms of timeline, we want to come out early next year.   Our Sales Agent has been wonderful.  A tip to all you filmmakers, if you find a sales agent that believes in you, that’s all that matters.  Finding a Sales agent, it just the same as finding anyone to work with.  They are really pushing our film.

And we have a chance, but not without all of us being consistent and having a voice.  I feel it’s the edge we need to getting this film to a theater near you.  It’s not going to happen just because someone likes it, and is willing to spend time and money to sell it for you.  Which is why I started this blog.   To quickly tell you, about what’s been happening.  But to also talk about people who’ve been so dear in my life, supporting us and working with me on this project.  Honestly, it’s also for myself because I have been learning about myself and what I want.

So thanks for listening.  And I hope you’ll like my page(Link on the right) to stay tuned for more updates.






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