Our Trailer has arrived…on iTunes?
30 Jun. 2012

Our Trailer has arrived…on iTunes?

I am so pleased our trailer is on iTunes and we even got banners going! I never could have imagined. It’s a very cool feeling.

What a process, I’ve been so anxious about releasing it into the world, very scared about the vulnerability that comes with it.  Putting yourself out there is really hard, because some people can be harsh.  Why they are, I don’t know why.  Fortunately we got a lot of positive and supportive feedback.  A lot of people really seen me go through this journey and struggle, patiently waiting, the blood sweat and tears, it is true what other filmmakers say hearing echos of “I told you so”.  While you are working, it’s tough to even go anywhere because people would ask me how my movie was going, and you have to always say, “I’m working on it!”  Try saying that over and over again, to every person, it makes you want to just hide in the editing cave.  Everyone always has questions too, which is understandable because the world of movies has a process and it can be very mysterious on how things really work.

So much has been going on between here(HK) and US, I was almost ready to just say, I’m putting it on Youtube cause I can’t wait any longer!  Thanks to the awesome team in the US who kept on saying, just wait for it, it’s coming.  They were right, it was totally worth it.

Am thankful for the positive response and the fact our Banner was right next to the Spiderman banner for a while and the trailer was competing nicely hitting number one most popular for a while.


If you want to see it on Youtube, here’s the link:

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