Supercapitalist on our way…Preview Event
05 Apr. 2012

Supercapitalist on our way…Preview Event

Hello Mr.  Blog.  See, it takes me a while to post, and I always promise to.   So just like any friend, I haven’t forgotten you.  I return to you now, to speak about the journey I’ve been on for the last 5 years.  The super marathon of making a movie, and then getting it out there end to end.  I’ve stayed more hidden, but now it’s time to take a step forward.  Restless and impatient, I’ve held at the starting line to ensure that as we race forward, I’m confident we can make the finish line.

What a majestic night full of friends.  Thanks to all who came out to see our preview of our trailer and clips.  With over 500+ in attendance, we were so fortunate to have so much support.  In consideration that particular night, there was the HKIFF Opening ceremony at the same time, various parties for the Filmart and Rugby 10′s/7′s going on, we were grateful for our guestlist to be filled with supporters.  I believe there is a hunger for stories originating from HK with balanced Eastern and Western point of views(an international perspective), and we aim to satisfy that hunger.

People think being an actor means public speaking comes naturally.  This is not the case for me at least.  I prepared for a long time and must give credit to Joyce for listening to me rework my speech over and over again, and James Bryce at Lalein who coached me.  Fortunately everything went as well as I could have imagined.  No profuse sweating or jitters came my way this time.  I remember speaking at MTV a long time ago.  As a younger more naive person, let’s just say it wasn’t one of my finer moments.

The moments before the event, I could feel the butterflies kicking in.  I’ve worked so long on this project, and moreover, so many people have stuck their necks out for me calling in favors, investing their time and money into me.  The pressure and responsibility to deliver has been overwhelming at times.

Thank goodness Joyce was there to help me through everything keeping me sane and filling the gaps.  By the way, Joyce managed all the photographers/videographers for us, We had 3 photographers and 3 videographers spidermanning all over and there was a lightpainting booth.  Go to, like our page to support us, and check out our albums.

Was glad to bring many of the team together, from Crew to Post, producers we’ve had over 300 people work on this film.  My only wish is that the NY team could have been out here as well.  Our day will come to celebrate when we hit the US with our film. But HK’s first on our list.

Thanks to Lisa Cheng of Sheer(Above Left), luxury lingerie, and Susanna Ngao of S.Nine(Right), glamour wear featured in the film, for putting on the fashion show with models who are in our film.

And to top it off, my buddies Operator featuring Ben Robinson(Center) who scored our film and Victor Pena(L) our Post Production Supervisor, and Jon Lee on drums who owns This music studio.

Of course thanks to Bloomberg and Bloomberg TVour Media Partner, Perrier Jouet, Helishots, Liveit, Random Art Workshop(for a combined aerial photography package), Eremett(Bespoke luxury goods and accessories), Thomas Pink(Gift certificate), Sheer(Gift Certificate), S.Nine(Gift Certificate), for the prizes and giveaways!

Thanks to Solee Ngai over at Ignite Marketing.  All those late night calls talking about the details of the event paid off!

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